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Seventeen year old Hannah Brown has a mundane life. She is fed up of playing gooseberry to her best friend, Stephanie and her boyfriend. She has an annoying little sister who won’t stop reading her precious diary and an overbearing mother. Walking home alone one night after an argument with Stephanie, Hannah is involved in an accident that will change her life forever. With an angel as her guide she finds true love in an unlikely place and discovers the shocking identity of the person who left her to die. But will she get the happy ending she is so scared of jeopardising?

If you want to read the first 3 chapters now, just press the Ghost button above. The full novel is now available for you to download on Amazon kindle on the following link.  

If you don’t have a kindle, as I don’t, you can get kindle for your computer for free at the following link.

Whether you read the first chapters here or read the whole thing on Amazon I would love to hear what you think; your opinions are very important to me so please leave a review and I would be so grateful if you could tell your friends about it.

Ghost is the first of three books in The Hannah Brown Diaries series. I have started writing book 2 and book 3 is all planned out, just watch this space for updates. 

Thanks so much for stopping by. Now what are you waiting for? Get reading and reviewing. 

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I’m sorry it has taken so long to update on this site. The last few years have been very strenuous. I’ve had loads to deal with and as a result my writing has suffered and the last thing on my mind has been blogging.  I also don’t find these blogging sites all that easy to use so it takes me twice as long. I have however not forgotten my second book and have been chipping away at it and it’s finally in the editing stages. I have a couple of trusted readers taking their first look and I’m awaiting their verdict. If they give me a yay I’m going to blitz the editing and get my book published as soon as, but if it’s a nay then it will obviously take a little longer. I’m not trying to make any excuses, well I am because they’re valid excuses, but when writing isn’t your first priority it is hard to finish a full novel. I seem to be writing every spare chance I get sometimes, but progress is slow when you have other things to deal with. Okay boo hoo me, I’m not looking for sympathy, just a little understanding.

Now that’s all said I’m going to move onwards and upwards. I have done a few sketches and want to share them with you, so will include them on future posts. One of them might end up being on the front cover of the new book. I revamped the picture of Hannah on the first book so that is the sketch I will share with you first. I hope you like it.




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Book 2


Thought I’d update you on what I’m doing at the moment. As peace reigns in my house once more (the kids have gone back to school) I’m currently in the writing zone. Book 2, The Hannah Brown Diaries-Angel, is coming along nicely. I have just started chapter 5 and the story seems to be flowing out of my fingers. I never plan chapters, I just let the story grow. I know exactly how everything turns out in the end and I know events that have to happen to get there, but the rest I just write in my head as I’m walking around with my headphones on, listening to my favourite rock music. Music has always been my biggest influence when I write, that is why I have included a playlist of music that both me and Hannah listen to. When I listen to songs that are relevant to her it allows me to get inside her head and makes writing about her so easy. Sometimes I can’t decide who’s inside whose head, me in hers or her in mine, but what I do know is that when I take on this vague look on my face you can be sure I’m not in reality anymore I’m inside the story trying to figure out the next scene I’m writing. I apologise to my family profusely as this happens to them a lot.

I can feel a little bit of vagueness coming on now………………………………………………………………………………………sorry I better go quick and type that down before I forget. Thanks to everyone for your support and I promise to try to concentrate more in the future, although you want me to hurry up and finish this book don’t you.

Eliza X

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Over the moon.

I’m absolutely thrilled. My book has now been downloaded more than 1000 times in 4 days, I reached 29th in my category and have just received my first review of my whole novel. My first review was very favourable, so thank you so much to that person for giving me a huge smile all day.

If you know anyone who loves a good supernatural romance then please pass on this link      and make my smile turn into an enormous grin. Thanks.

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Available on Amazon

Hannah Brown is finally available on Amazon to search for and buy. If you are kind enough to purchase it please leave a review. Thanks.

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Finally done it.

I can’t believe I’ve finally published my book on Amazon. I just received a confirmation email that my book will be available in the search option within the next 5 days and then it is ready to be purchased by anyone kind enough to give me a break. I’m feeling sort of emotional. All my hard work may finally come to mean something, fingers crossed. As soon as it is available I will post a link on here so keep checking. Thank you.

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Sorry for the delay, but here’s the good news

Thank you so much for the positive comments about my first book. I’m really sorry for the delay in getting the whole thing on Amazon kindle. It’s taking me so long because the whole book has to be formatted and as I’ve said before computers are not my thing. I’m amazed this website even exists. It’s like a wall starts to slowly build up in front of my eyes and blocks all understanding as soon as I start to read the many instructions involved in formatting. Then I start to fidget and my mind wonders, but I’m getting on with it and hopefully the full version will be available in the next 2 weeks so please be patient with me.

One other delay which I’m sure you will definitely forgive me for is that I’m really into book 2 at the moment. I’ve posted a small introductory snippet and may add a little more soon. I want to be careful though about giving anything away about how the first book ends, so don’t expect too much.

Okay, update over. I’d better get back to it.

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In The Know

Hi. Those who know me, know that I think computers are a necessary evil. I’m not stupid though, I know it pays to have some knowledge and I am trying honestly. So, here is my website that I’m mostly designing myself, but it is my poor hubby who has the task of teaching me the things I don’t know, and believe me there is plenty. We are just about managing to keep our calm as he explains widgets, tags and webhooks (not even sure he knows what these are). There is also another reason for this site, to get my book out to all you fine readers. Why not go down the traditional route you ask. Well I have tried and found the whole process left me feeling rather despondent.  I read somewhere that with the age of ebooks, it seems that these days publishers are mostly taking risks with established writers and the rich and famous (regardless of whether they can write or not). I don’t know if I was in the wrong place at the wrong time or simply that my book was rubbish. I know publishers can’t very well turn round to me and say don’t bother, but it would be nice to get some kind of feedback from them. At least I would know if I was wasting my time. So I thought let me ask you lot, not the agents and publishers who see me as their next paycheck, not the critics who have personal preferences even though they say their judgement is impartial, but you the readers who are interested in this genre and hopefully will be honest and tell me like it is. Let me just say at this point if you are going to make any comments on this site please be respectful, I welcome all comments, both positive and negative, but I will not tolerate rudeness. Okay, so now you know what this site is all about; me learning computers(badly), getting my book noticed, and feedback to let me know if it is worth continuing with book 2 or not. Thanks for your time.XX

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